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24 hours of Le Mans
Le Mans Classic

What could be more gratifying for a company from Le Mans than to orchestrate two international events in quick succession near its headquarters ?

Les 24H du Mans and Le Mans Classic is the meeting of people from all over the world to share a common passion: the automobile.

With the support of several event companies, we co-organised the arrival of more than 850 people who were able to use our Lodg’ing village as a base camp for 5 days.


Time: 4 nights


24 hours of Le Mans and le Mans Classic take place every few weeks between mid-June and early July.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a very popular annual event for speed lovers. During the 24 Hours, different teams and several drivers take turns to compete until the end of the night and win the final victory. As in Formula 1, there is a driver’s classification and a manufacturer’s classification.

In 2022 it’s Toyota who finished first. Le Mans Classic follows with the same procedure, the only difference being the cars, which are collectors’ cars competing for the top spot. Whether you prefer old or new cars, you will be served ! Next event in 2023.

The WOW effect: welcoming a very warm English and American clientele with their guests.



You will find below, all the elements related to our participation for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Le Mans Classic.

With the support of the Tour Opérateur Travel Destination, we have welcomed more than 850 people who have been able to take advantage of our facilities: lodges, sanitary facilities, private parking, 24-hour security, concierge service.

A restaurant, run by a catering partner from the other side of the Channel, was able to provide breakfasts and snacks. It was a real pleasure to accompany all the professionals who contributed to the smooth running of these events, with a special mention for the clients who came from all over the world.

A big thank you to the team at Travel Destination who took care of the Lodg’ing team so that the events went smoothly.


The Site

Located near one of the most mythical corners of the circuit (virage Porshe), we have extended our lodges between city of Arnage and the Beauséjour car park in Le Mans. 180 lodges for the 24 hours and 150 for Le Mans Classic.


The Layout

On this flat terrain, anything is possible! Two sanitary blocks, a large catering stretch, this is where we set up our accommodation in a homogeneous manner in rows and columns. We also managed the parking area, which is located in the middle of the site.


The Difficulties

One week of assembly, very hot weather during this period but a motivated, dynamic and very well organised team.