Découvrez notre univers glamping nature !



Welcome to the magical world of Discovia, an access event on personal and collective well-being.

The aim is to refocus on the essence of life, more specifically our relationship with others and with nature.

People come from all over Europe to attend this unique event!

Our team was able to set up the accommodations of the latter but also of the artists, musicians and performers on site.

TIME: 4 nights


This festival took place over 4 full days. Workshops, activities, meals and themed evenings were set up for everyone. Each festival-goer could plan their day according to what was on offer.

A beatbox workshop in the morning and yoga in the afternoon for example. Each day was placed under an element of nature: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Each day’s meal was made up of characteristics of these four elements.

For the evenings, dancers performed on stage followed by a dj set with artists from all over the world, each with their own style. Under, Parallel, Chambord, many of today’s top musicians were present at the weekend.

120 PEople


You will find below all the elements related to our participation in the Discovia Festival. The collectif IDiscover to choose our lodges to ensure the accommodation of the different actors on site. It was a real pleasure to accompany all the professionals who, like us, contributed to the smooth running of the first Discovia Festival.

A big thank you to Gal, beautiful meetings and beautiful memories.


The Site

We moved to the heights of Villecien, a small town located between Paris and Troyes. We set up our nomadic concept in the heart of the Villevallier forest, with a breathtaking view of the local wildlife.


The Layout

With a bohemian chic theme, guests were accommodated in 2 and 4 person lodges. Two symmetrical rows of about twenty tents for a wake-up call in front of the sunrise, magnificent no ?


The Difficulties

We had two short days of rain when setting up the camp and cool nights during the Festival ! Our solutions: plaids and large duvets in cocooning mode.