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Horse riding enthusiasts, our village is for you ! Welcome to one of the largest equestrian centres in France. Located in Yvré l’Évêque, a small town near Le Mans, this site hosts competitions every weekend.

Every year, we set up a village during the Harcour events and the French championships. This is an opportunity to welcome the amateurs and professionals who meet here and to offer them accommodation close to the stables. 

time: 4 nights


The European Horse Centre is a centre that organises events every weekend. From dressage, to trials, to tours and national competitions. Each event lasts about 3/4 days.

There are all types of riders with different levels of organisation and preparation. Amateurs and/or semi-professionals arrive with their van at the Pole before taking their tests.

The organisers use our services to accommodate the participants and their families around the training grounds.



You will find below, all the elements related to our participation for the European Horse Pole. The organisers have chosen our lodges to provide on-site accommodation for the various players. It is always a pleasure to be part of this event via our mobile accommodation solution.

Thank you to Philippe Rossi and his team for their trust, renewed every year.


The Site

Our lodges are located near Le Mans, in the village of Yvré l’Évêque. We have set up our nomadic concept in the heart of a small forest near the car park and the training grounds.


The Layout

The lodges are spread out over a site called « le jardin des bouleries » which has been specially designed. This site has all the necessary facilities including a dedicated sanitary module.


The Difficulties

Some of the events took place in very hot weather. Not easy to manage for our horse friends. Our appearance at the Pole is in April and July each year.