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Welcome to the twirling world of aerial sports: Icare Cup. First of all, it is a breathtaking show and a great theatre open to the sky.

It is also hundreds of pilots from all disciplines who will share their passion and their pleasure of flying with you ! Paragliders, paramotors, skydivers, they are all gathered to spend an exceptional weekend.

Our team was able to take care of the accommodation for aerobatic enthusiasts on site.

TIME: 6 days


The event will take place over 6 full days

You will be able to follow in the sky of St Hilaire the following competitions and shows:

The Icarnaval: the famous fancy dress competition.

The Icare show: the fabulous air show.

Afterwards, direction Lumbin for the landing:

The Icare Ballons: the hot air balloon meeting.

The Icare Atterro, ULM, kites, kite flying, aeromodelling, general public show.




You will find below, all the elements related to our participation in the Coupe Icare. Our lodges have been chosen to ensure the accommodation of the different actors and visitors on site. Located on the plateau of the « petites roches », the natural setting of the nomadic village is exceptional.

A big thank you to the organizers of this fabulous event, beautiful meetings and beautiful memories.


The Site

We are located in the hills of Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet, a town in the Isère region near Grenoble. 1800 inhabitants year round and …. 100 000 during the Coupe Icare.


The Layout

5 rows of 5 with a central lantern candle lane to ensure a wow arrival !


The Difficulties

Located at high altitude, the logistics of this event are particular because of the difficulty of access. The weather conditions in the mountains can also have their share of ups and downs.