Découvrez notre univers glamping nature !



Rendez vous en terre inconnu ! Tel était le thème de ce séminaire surprise !

During 1 night we hosted a group for a team building nature in nomadic mode.

The budding adventurers enjoyed a night under the stars following an evening in a refuge in the middle of savoyard chalets.

A plateau of lodges in altitude has been set up to accommodate the lucky ones

time: 1 night


After a day of discovering the Savoyard country by walking the magnificent surrounding paths, the guests were able to enjoy the arrival with the sunset on the nomadic village which served as their home for the night. As soon as they arrived, a small snack was prepared to revive the energy of the hikers. Afterwards, everyone went to the refuge to start the festivities slowly.

This was followed by a typical winter meal with max cheese. To finish in beauty an evening with Dj-set hidden in the heart of the mountains was organized. Beware, the dancefloor was swinging.

The WOW effect: the arrival at 3am with

the braseros on and the view of the sky completely clear.



You will find below, all the elements related to our participation in the seminar in Hautes-Savoie. The Lodg’ing team was responsible for the accommodation, dry toilets and solar showers. 

An arch was also designed with the layout of the rooms. Lighted candles and 2 giant braziers accompanied this scenography.

A big thank you to our partner Lakes Montagnes and to the locals on site, beautiful encounters and memories.


The Site

We moved to the heights of Manigod in the Merdassier Pass, a small town in the Haute-Savoie. We set up our nomadic concept in the heart of the mountains and a popular winter ski resort.


The Layout

We have arranged the lodges in a corridor format to give depth to the terrain and to provide a festival atmosphere !


The Difficulties

Setting up on a ski slope requires a certain amount of logistics. For this, 4x4s were requisitioned with trailers to bring all the equipment to the site. Thank you Titou and César, the local lumberjacks who gave us a hand !