Découvrez notre univers glamping nature !



The emblematic piece of equipment of our accommodation concept is our lodge of course (more generally called a tent or tipi by some of our colleagues).

It is the basis of our nomadic concept !

A 20m2 and 24m2 cotton canvas structure, fitted out like a hotel room and able to accommodate from 2 to 6 people. 


The lodge (or tipi) was originally designed for the Australian Army to cope with extreme conditions. As such, its resistance to wind, heavy thunderstorms, rain, and other inclement weather makes it an ideal structure for a glamping accommodation experience in the wilderness.

The cotton canvas allows for very good air breathing and has strong insulating properties. Depending on the temperature of the season, we adapt our bedding to ensure a good night’s sleep for our guests (plaids, kettle, goretex duvet).

We have renamed them as follows:

– Venus: 2 persons in double bed or TWIN (2 single beds)

– Cassiopée: 4 persons in 1 double bed + 2 single beds OR as desired

– Nuptial: for lovers only. A decoration of + cocooning which will allow you to spend your 1st wedding day in the best conditions !


Below are the elements that accompany the layout and use of the lodges for our clients. We set up our tents on any type of land, making sure that we comply with the regulations in force.

Our professionalism has been proven and we are now able to collaborate with all types of partners, private or public.



The Bed

Our wooden bed bases are home made and our mattresses are of French origin, 4* hotel type. Our goal: to make you experience an unforgettable night in nature.


Solar Energy

As we are concerned about our environmental impact, we have installed solar systems in each lodge so that you can benefit from LED lighting as well as batteries for your phones.



Special attention has been paid to the interior decoration of the tent. We want to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, while keeping a certain comfort.